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A healthy gut with a broad diversity of Microbiota and an uncompromised gut lining is the foundation of Our Well-being. A healthy gut means a healthy immune system and therefore a healthy body.


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Heal and seal your gut with RESTORE

  There is an exciting new product on the market that supports the immune system in a revolutionary new way. It is a bottle of stable ‘Redox Molecules’ that can seal your gut and encourage improved diversity of your gut microbiome. It is a cellular level communication system in a bottle and it’s called Restore. […]

Why you need a healthy Gut

Everyone values good health. And I’m sure you have heard the mantra about needing a healthy gut, but why is this so? What are the facts of reality that make a healthy gut so crucial? If we are serious about wanting to avoid chronic disease, to avoid hospitals in our old age and indeed to […]

Maintaining a Healthy Gut

The maintenance of a healthy gut is the best health insurance you can have. Although it is in large part a result of eating the right foods I consider it to be foundational in a healthy lifestyle. This is why it is step 1 of my strategy for optimal health. The entire gut consists of […]

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Healthy Gut – Healthy Immune System – Healthy Body

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